Canada West Plumbing & Heating provides a variety of heating services for commercial

and residential clients. However, we specialize in installation, repair and maintenance of

Commercial High and Mid Efficiency Boilers.

  • Boiler replacement
  • Boiler annual service inspection, maintenance and repair 
  •  Boiler and ancillary equipment installations                               
  •  Burner repair and replacement
  •  Boiler’s control system troubleshooting and repair 
  •  Combustion analysis
  •  Heating and mechanical system repair and scheduled maintenance
  •  Domestic water pump, control and valve systems
  •  Pump repair and modification
  •  Back flow preventors testing, repair and installation
  •  All types of control, balancing, mixing valves and pressure regulators
  •  Refractory repair and replacement
  •  System consultation and free estimates available


Other Heating Services                                                                           

  • Installation of Radiant Heating Systems                                                          
  • Design: Residential Heat Loss calculation
  • Zone valve and Pump Installation and Repair
  • System maintenance
  • System Diagnostic and Repair
  • Air Removal, Filling and Purging
  • System Inspection and maintenance 
  • Controls


All our technicians are experienced in all heating systems and are licensed to perform

repairs and installations on all residential and commercial heating systems. We service

all makes and models of heating equipment as well as give professional advice and

energy saving solutions. When working with us, you can be sure that each of our heating

project will be completed with care and safety to the highest standards in the industry.



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